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Diseño grafico Punta del Este, Maldonado, Buenos Aires

Diseño de paginas web adaptables (responsive)  - Diseño de contenido para generar trafico en Facebook - Diseño web Punta del Este

Somos una agencia dinamica

Somos una agencia con

gran calidez humana

Somos una agencia innovadora

Testimonials - SE DICE DE MI...

Creative, fun and smart! Myriam Ekhauzer has this edge between listening and following her own mind that produces the perfect result. Then you look at it ... you wonder and wonder ...while she stares at you with curiosity but she already knows ... you just love it!

Alicia Salama

Myriam is a highly talented and creative artist. She is very confident, reliable, articulate and highly intelligent. She is committed to attaining the highest standards of excellence in her work team.

Howard Berger

Ometz Co-Execuive Director

The professional quality of her work and her understanding of design make Myriam a world class graphic artist. She takes the ordinary and creates amazing designs.

Katherine Korakakis

Head of ProMontreal Entrepreneurs

Super responsible, creative and professional. It is a pleasure working with her. Definitely recommend A+++

Dr. Mayra Rodriguez

Dentist at Boca Raton

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